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Blue Sky Adventures strives to enrich people’s lives by providing a safe, professional, and outstanding Colorado whitewater rafting experience for all ages and ability levels. For over 40 years we have taken pride in maintaining a standard of rafting excellence and a legendary reputation for customer service that repeats itself year after year. We are a small company located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado dedicated to creating cherished and lifelong memories by providing an unbelievable outdoor adventure that exceeds any of our guests’ expectations.


Just minutes from downtown Glenwood Springs, the expansive White River National Forest offers thousands of miles of trails and back country hiking, biking, climbing, rafting and riding. Our town was built around a love of these places and continues to grow and thrive as more people discover what life is really like at the confluence of adventure.

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Our Guides

Making our guests feel comfortable, safe and welcome is the top priority, and frankly, Blue Sky does it the best. Our white water raft guides are trained to read the rivers no matter what the condition, instead of just ‘memorizing the run,’ and they are hired for their ability to make clear headed, well-informed decisions. Our incredible safety record proves that. Once on the river, they know how to bring the fun every day, and have stories, games and enough personality to share with groups of all ages. Be ready to find fun and adventure when you step into the boat with our professionals!

Blue Sky Adventures is owned by two former raft guides who may have spent just a few too many days in the sun themselves. But with years of experience behind the oars, an impeccable safety record, and customers who still call to request them, they know what it takes to bring the best to our blue boats.

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