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Blue Sky Adventures strives to enrich people’s lives by providing a safe, professional, and outstanding Colorado rafting experience for all ages and ability levels. For over 30 years we have taken pride in maintaining a standard of rafting excellence and a legendary reputation for customer service that repeats itself year after year. We are a small company dedicated to creating cherished and lifelong memories by providing an unbelievable outdoor adventure that exceeds any of our guests’ expectations.

Geoffrey Olson hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. At the age of 7, Geoff’s family moved to London, England in the search for oil and gas opportunities in the North Sea. After completing his formal education, with A-Levels in History, Geography and Economics from Bearwood College, Reading, England he returned to the United States where he attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. While in Flagstaff, multiple outdoor activities drew his interest until eventually, in 1994, he arrived in Glenwood Springs, CO. Guiding for Blue Sky Adventures during the day and waiting tables at night, Geoff settled in Glenwood because of the people and multiple outdoor activities that the community and valley provided. He continued to guide and manage for Blue Sky Adventures until 2007, at which point, he became co- owner of the business. During his career Geoff has made a point of making certain every customer has the best experience possible. His personality is addictive and you can’t help but laugh when he is around.

Born in Glenwood Springs, Patrick has called this mountain town home since 1982. He has always loved the outdoor opportunities here and has been active in his pursuits. Patrick first started guiding for Blue Sky in 2002 as a college sophomore and has grown with the company since. As a recreation and tourism major at Colorado State University, Patrick transitioned from raft guide to an internship and then to manager after his graduation from CSU in 2004. In 2007, Patrick became co-owner of Blue Sky. Since this time he has worked hard to grow the company while maintaining the best staff and providing the safest, most enjoyable rafting adventure possible. Patrick became a father in 2009 and he and his wife, Isabel, are now raising their family here too. Patrick’s kindness, sincerity, and passion are enjoyed by all.

Erin “E.” Gillming, the rock of Blue Sky and Canyon Bikes office staff – there’s no question that E couldn’t answer. Erin is native to Glenwood Springs and has dedicated a whopping twelve years to running the show on and off the water. She has great hair.

Casey is our Canyon Bike and Blue Sky boathouse manager from Chicagoland. Long time EMT certified, Casey is the bike path rescue go-to. When Casey isn’t kayaking class 6 rapids in his spare time he is a working as ski patrol at Snowmass Mountain or hanging with his two darling children.

Zach is without a doubt Blue Sky’s friendliest face and most helpful employee. As the king of all bikes, Mr. Neal can change a flat tire in under 2 seconds. Lost in the canyon? Want a ride to Hanging Lake? Need a bike seat adjustment? Call Zach Neal – the only time his phone is turned off is Tuesday because he’s at Family Movie night.

A true born mountain man, Sean Annett moved to Glenwood Springs from Watertown, South Dakota. He studied Outdoor Education at Colorado Mountain College and will proudly proclaim that he could take down a mountain lion with his bare hands and one oar, if he had too.

Although he grew up canoeing in the streams and rivers of Virginia, Jake has adapted extremely well to the oars on the mighty Colorado. With a stern but fair attitude, he manages the boathouse and the Blue Sky family, with leadership skills carefully honed as a collegiate soccer captain at Rutgers’ University. When he’s not on the water, he’s blowing up frozen water as a longtime ski patroller on Snowmass Mountain.

Our most senior guide, TC or Madmartigan, is a genius graduate of the University of Hawaii and Don Quijote in Granada, Spain. For the most part Timmy is an impressive paddle guitar player and a wizard raft guide but most of his spare time is spent intricately studying ornithology. Timmy is quadrilingual – fluent in English, Spanish, Bird Calls and the current.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Karlee “LeeLee” Munson escaped the city and studied in Hawaii before her love for the outdoors drew her to Colorado. In a boathouse full of males and their egos, LeeLee shows the boys how it’s done out on the river. You’ll probably hear her before you see her, and if you’re lucky enough to ride on her boat be prepared to have an epic time on the river.

Michael “McNoodles” Norris is Blue Sky’s one and only professional White Water Tube Guide. Mike Norris can single handedly pull over 16 tubers into a take out with his two webbed feet. When Norris isn’t tubing he is swiftly guiding rafts through The Shoshone Rapids or racing for NASCAR.

Otherwise known as Gilligan, Wyatt makes the trek from his hometown, Eagle, Colorado as often as he can to hobnob around The Shoshone Rapids. Gilligan studies Paddle Guitar at Colorado Mountain College and aspires to be Jon Snow when he grows up. Wyatt Gilligan doesn’t read books or the paper but he sure does read the current.

After moving to Glenwood Springs from Chicago, Illinois, Brad transferred from a fire ranger for The White River National Forest to become an exceptional Blue Sky raft guide. World travel is Brad’s offseason passion and finding peace musing about Zen Buddhism.

Matt Letcher escaped the cold of Pittsburgh, PA to Colorado five years ago. In those five years Matt has become a very talented and confident oarsman that Blue Sky is proud to employ. It’s a known fact that before starting his raft guide career with Blue Sky Matt Letcher single handedly took out a river shark, it’s why we hired him.

Winston Garth Vader loves space and star wars. He’s from Chattanooga, Tennessee and came to Glenwood Springs when he heard the river calling his , name. Winston loves music, he can play the xylophone, triangle, paddle guitar, washboard, and recorder.

This firey red head grew up in the heart of Glenwood Springs. When she’s not slinging dough for the greatest doughnut shop in town, Coloradough, Casey is swiftly guiding Blue Sky rafts all over the Colorado River. Her favorite movie is Jurassic Park and she loves the water more than dinosaurs.

Emily “Tallie” Lea ventured to Glenwood Springs from Signal Mountain, Tennessee and became one with The Colorado River and The Glenwood Canyon almost instantaneously. At 6 foot 11 inches, Tallie navigates her boats like a boss all the while educating her guests all there is to know about the surrounding Geologic phenomena The Glenwood Canyon has to offer.

Andrew, a true Wizard on the River, was born and raised in the heart of Glenwood Springs and on a 16 foot, oar frame raft. Since he began his career as a professional raft guide in 2015, lovely Drewphus has become one with the Shoshone section of the Colorado River. Andrew loves his hat, sleeping on the ground in the woods, and playing some fruity guitar.

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia Raleigh Gambino discovered a passion for white water rafting that brought him to the Mighty Colorado River. With his escape from the deep wood of West Virginia, Raleigh discovered the video camera and chose to study Film (and minor in Watermelon Agriculture) in Denver.

Mac Benning is a true Southern Belle from Atlanta, Georgia and spent his youth rafting with Blue Sky every summer vacation. Following his passion, Mac brought his whimsical spirit to Glenwood Springs, Colorado to become a rugged, tenacious, and bearded white water raft guide. Compassionate Mac is so well known for taking the best care of our Rookie guides every season that we made him a first year guide trainer!

Sage Bush Smith is easy to pick out because he’s white as snow. Sage is a full time teacher of wilderness at Walking Mountain Science Center in his hometown Eagle, Colorado and a fantastic weekend warrior on the river. Ask him as many questions as you can about rock formations because he obtained a degree in geology from Gunnison and Western State University.

Calvin Conklin is an aborigine of Glenwood Springs. Cal-Dogg is easily dubbed Blue Sky’s most enthusiastic, fanatical, and rhapsodic white water raft guide. It’s a known fact that he does not sleep, at any point in time, because Calvin Conklin never abandons his post on The Mighty Colorado River.

Straight out of Glenwood Springs, Joe Bevins could raft and kayak before he could walk. Joe Bevins spent six years teaching English in Japan and came back to Blue Sky happily married and fluent in Japanese. Joe Bevins can roll a kayak in class five rapids in .3 seconds flat.

Haley Peterson was born on The Colorado River right here in The Glenwood Canyon. After graduating from Colorado State, Haley traveled to Pokhara, Nepal to work as a warrior raft guide on multi-day trips – but not even wild horses could drag Haley away from The Mighty Colorado River. As one of Blue Sky’s veteran guides Haley can now read the current in six languages.